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Program AntiSPAMer - effective means of struggle against the SPAM. It will help you will get rid of spam in your mail box (boxes). Opportunities of the program:
  • Allows to remove quickly the SPAM directly from a post server, not loading the traffic uploading of all mail, and saves your time for processing of the helpful information;
  • Allows to supervise process of removal of the SPAM that lowers risk to remove the information necessary to you;
  • The Program supports reports POP3 and IMAP. It is possible to specify some mail boxes. Check of boxes passes by turns, under the list, through the set time interval. As it is possible to start single check when the program is curtailed in tray, having chosen corresponding item in the menu. It is possible to disconnect check of a concrete box temporarily.
  • In the program "black" and "white" lists where addresses from spamers and addresses of your copyists will be worn out accordingly are conducted. As it is possible to adjust filters on several parameters. Updating of lists probably both in manual, and from statistics. At processing mail headings of messages (the address of the sender and a theme of the message) are looked through, that reduces time for definition of the maintenance of a letter box, it is quite enough of it to reveal and remove the SPAM and as reduces loading the traffic. The opportunity to conduct a broad gully of the removed messages which can be seen in a notebook is stipulated.

    In program AntiSPAMer 3 operating modes are stipulated.

    1. A mode of training: the Mode at which there is acquaintance with the program and as this mode allows to supervise deleted messages since they can be removed only manually, pressing of the corresponding button in a window of statistics. Messages which respondents are included in the "black" list, only are marked on removal even if the corresponding option will be chosen. In this mode, as well as in a mode 2 it is possible to fill up lists, to create rules on the basis of the received messages.
    2. A mode of removal (or a mark on removal) messages from respondents included in the "black" list, and what are forbidden by rules. I.e. all over again lists are looked through. If the sender in the "black" list - the message leaves, if in "white" - is passed. If the sender is not found in lists rules are looked through. If the message gets under a rule, it accordingly either is passed, or leaves. Otherwise the message will be worn out in the table of statistics, and the decision is accepted by the user.
    3. Mode at which all messages of leave that are sent by senders from the "white" list or which are resolved by rules. It can be useful, if you are precisely sure that, all your copyists are brought in the "white" list. At use of rules it is possible to make any adjustments.
    In the program as, there is an opportunity to eliminate the message to additional attributes. While there are 4 additional parameters:
    1. the size of a field "SUBJECT" Is supervised. If quantity signs exceeds the set number the message is considered the SPAM.
    2. Check of a field "THEME" on repeating expressions.
    3. In additional Adjustments property is added: It is sent under the list. This rule catches messages which have been dispatched spamers by the list. In this case in a field to "WHOM" there is not your address, and the address of the list.
    4. Replacement of letters in words letters from other alphabet. To bypass filters, spamers replace some letters in Russian words with letters from the latin alphabet.
    As in additional adjustments there is an option which allows to write down automatically in the black list of the address of those senders which letter the program has not distinguished as the SPAM.